7 Rules for communicating with girls in video chat

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Video chats have significantly expanded the possibilities of Dating. Now guys who were afraid to approach a girl they liked and talk to her in their life do not worry that they will be sent away in front of other people, and they will have to experience shame. I did not set out to meet one girl — well, in just one click, you can start communicating with another, and so eventually find a suitable person for your interests. And to make your acquaintance more enjoyable, BBWPorned has compiled a few rules for you, observing which you will avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Decide on your Dating goals

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Those who say that it is impossible to find a couple for a serious relationship on the Internet, probably do not know that, in addition to intimate chats, there are other resources. And if you decide to have a serious relationship, then you should immediately drop direct hints of intimacy, so as not to frighten your partner. Remember that girls, especially beautiful ones, are offered to show their cock or sleep together several times a day, and any hint of sex, at least at the beginning of communication, will cause a negative reaction.

If you need a girl “for one night”, then there are specialized services for this, where you do not need to beat around the Bush, because both guys and girls know why they go there. In any case, you need to understand why you are looking for Dating, and from this to build your further strategy to “win” the attention of the girl.

Work on your appearance

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If you at least once sat in a video chat, you could often see some life-worn men over 40 in a t-shirt, drunk with a beer belly skill. It’s not much of a show, you must admit. And imagine what it’s like to see such a picture for a girl who is used to washing several times a day and carefully choosing an outfit to go to the next store? Remember that a person is first judged by their clothes, and then by their mind, so you should dress stylishly (not in a tuxedo, of course — a simple casual will also work) and look neat. Then you will pass the first stage of “selection” and earn yourself +1 point to successfully win the attention of a woman interesting to you.

Choose the right place

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Another factor related to the appearance, but already the room where you are. You may be dressed in a hand-tailored suit as well as the Kingsman agents, but if there is a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink behind you or a meter of dust is visible, it is unlikely to impress your interlocutor. The place should be clean, not cluttered with garbage and unnecessary details on the background, and as light as possible. Believe me, in HD quality, it will see all the smallest details of your daily life, so take it responsibly. Well, do not forget that the girl may ask you to show the rest of your apartment — be prepared for this and try to get out in advance.

Don’t use a cheap webcam

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Terrible quality at 360p in 2020 — this is a bad idea, just know. Of course, we don’t encourage you to buy a 4K camera with 60 FPS, but at least use HD or Full HD equipment. This way your interlocutor will be better able to see you, your emotions, and everything else that is important to know when meeting.

Keep in mind that many video chats still have problems with the quality of communication and compression, which makes even a high-quality image after passing through the server becomes blurred and fuzzy. But if you use a good video chat, there will be no quality problems, since the service’s algorithms broadcast video in HD format without compression with a comfortable frame time, so there are no problems with pixels on the entire screen with a high-quality Internet connection.

Work on your self presentation

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This point is especially important for shy guys and introverts who do not get along well with the opposite sex or with all people in General. Write yourself a small script (you can even practice in front of a mirror) and decide what options you think are appropriate, and what is better not to mention. Speaking of relevance: do not be too Frank — after all, this is a stranger to you, and not all girls are ready in the first minutes of Dating to find out all your background. It is better to move on to personal topics after the second or third communication, and at first, you should limit yourself to General information — of course, seasoned, where appropriate, with humor.

Behave naturally

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Being unnatural isn’t as bad as being asked to show your Breasts immediately after starting a conversation, but it’s also almost certain to lead to a loss of interest in the conversation. When a guy tries to get used to someone else’s role (most often-the alpha male), he has to constantly strain not to shake something extra and not to throw off his mask. If you are a bad actor, the girl will immediately reveal you and switch, and if a good one will start thinking that something is wrong with her since you are tense.

Just be yourself — within reason, of course. If you like to hang out in online games, then do not hesitate to talk about it. Perhaps your interlocutor is also fond of Dota or PUBG. Yes, such girls also exist.

Follow the rules of etiquette when communicating

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Here are a few banal but important rules:

  • Don’t be too insistent. Many guys, seeing a beautiful girl, turn on the “last hope” mode and go into meaningless “attacks” on the interlocutor, trying to immediately divorce her for personal questions or, worse, to find out intimate details. Any girl will say that the experience of communicating in Chatroulette with some Turks, Arabs or Indians is almost always deplorable since they immediately move on to very personal things or outright vulgarity like the already meme “Are you horny?»
  • Don’t use swear words. At least, at the beginning of Dating, and then look at the situation.
  • Not interrupt. Girls like people who respect their opinions and are willing to listen to them.
  • Don’t be too meticulous. Girls don’t like boring guys who just correct them or try to tell them something they’re not interested in. Let her say “wazzup” instead of “what’s up” — you do not need to fall into a righteous rage and try to teach a lesson in English. Be sure that even after one such moment, the interlocutor may lose interest in communication and quickly retire, because, first, you climb into her habits, even without really recognizing her, and secondly, this is still real life, where people have both advantages and disadvantages.

And if you succeed enough, you can take one step further and meet with that girl in real life. if it’s going to happen – our previous article may be useful for you. Good luck!

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