Interview With An OnlyFans Model – CiBarbie

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Today I invite you to meet our new guest. She’s not only hot as hell, like a model from a magazine cover, but also she can melt your heart with her caring and friendly communication. Sit down, relax and enjoy.

How old are you, Ci? I know that you started making content on OnlyFans in November 2020. What did you do before and how did you decide to start?

I’m 22 years old , I’m a self employed hair dresser and I decided to start when the 2nd lockdown began for some extra money 🙂 turns out I really enjoy it!

Is “content creation” something you do for a living, or is it more like a hobby outside of your main job?

I do OnlyFans for a side job- it’s my evening work! Sometimes it gets really busy and I stay up till 3-4 in the morning replying and creating custom content.

When you first signed up for OnlyFans, did you have any audience on other social networks, or did you start your journey from scratch?

I did have a audience on my Instagram but I created an private account especially for OnlyFans So I started from scratch! I had my friend Liam help advertise for me on Reddit which is a big help!

Do you have a favorite show? (Maybe that something from HBO, Amazon Prime, or Netflix)

I love watching married at first sight or when I’m tired I love to sit and watch family guy on Amazon prime & Netflix!

When memories bring you back to your childhood, what are the first images and associations that arise in your head?

I had a very good childhood – was brought up in money but am very independent and learn to bring in my own income. My first images that come into my head when I look back at my childhood is my family holidays in Disneyland Florida.

If, as a child, you could put all your favorite things in a time capsule and send them to the future, what items would be there?

As a child I would of put in the time capsule my barbie makeup set & hairbrush 😂

What were you like in high school?

I loved school for my social life & not the education side. I had a lot of friends and was very lucky to not have a bad time at school.

What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

Going out for lunch to nandoes haha! And then going back home for a movie day haha!

Have you ever cried reading a book or watching a movie?

I cry at movies all the time ! My favourite movie is “Ps I love you” or “Pretty woman”.

Describe your temper in five different words.

My five different words for my tempter would be Sulk & arguementive & dramatic & Stubborn to an extent & sulk some more haha!

How do you spend your free time?

Watching movies – but right now through lockdown not a lot going insane! Haha

How about books? Do you like to read? If so, could you share the books that have influenced you the most, perhaps emotionally or in terms of self-education?

I haven’t read a book for years! In fact I’ve only read 1 book 😂

Do you have a favorite type of man?

My favourite type of man is someone who has a great sense of humour and cares!

At what age were the first sex and the first relationship? How can you describe this experience?

I was 15 and I didn’t know an awful lot about sex so it wasn’t the best experience I was too young to have sexual experiences.

What is love to you?

Love to me is someone you can confide in & and someone who is your best friend aswell as your partner.

Can you tell us more about the content you create? So that readers can immediately understand what type of content is waiting for them.

the content I create is all solo play. I have thought about introducing someone into the mix but a majority of my client base prefer solo! Masturbation & strip videos & teasing vids! Also I Snapchat sessions for 30 minutes non stop videos & photos live with the subscriber playing along too!

What impact has OnlyFans had on your life in the mental aspect?

Only fans hasn’t impacted my life too much- but I find myself glued to my phone a lot of the time to stay as active as I can to keep my subscribers happy!

Is there a place for OnlyFans in your plans for the next five years?

I don’t know if OnlyFans will be in my life in five years it all depends how well it goes…

Could you give some advice for those who came to OnlyFans as a client and for those who registered as a content creator?

My advice to someone who comes on as a client is always to speak respectfully and make sure you don’t come across too demanding . As it most defiantly puts us off wanting too create fun content! I’m quite lucky as I have really lovely subscribers who dont demand and make sure I’m comfortable with doing everything they say. But sometimes you get the odd subscriber who isn’t as friendly!

For a content creator I would just say to make sure you page looks bright and happy! And to add a little personality too not just a page full of nudes! Because everyone can just click on porn and watch it for free – make sure you add that little extra to make it worth there money 🙂

If you want to chat with a model, then I suggest you go directly to her OnlyFans page, where in addition to the unique content, you have the opportunity to freely ask all the questions that you are interested in, which were not raised in this interview.

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