Interview With An OnlyFans Model – Hanna

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Today we will again present you a brand new OnlyFans model. She is not afraid of fire (even from firearms) and can take your heart hostage. Meet Hanna.

Tell me a little about yourself. Your page says “I love outdoor activities, tattoos, piercings and penises”. What is your job and what is your hobby?

I am one of those people who made a job out of my hobby (tattoo and piercing). Now I am a tattoo artist who is happy to get up and do his job every day!

What brought you to OnlyFans? I mean, this is not a very predictable leisure time for a tattoo artist.

The answer to your second question flows smoothly from the first one! I love penises and If I love them, I know how to handle them, then why not make a job out of this love?😄 OnlyFans is a great place for this! Everything is going perfectly.

Can you describe what kind of content we can expect from you on OnlyFans? Will it be hardcore porn, soft erotic, or something in between?

Light eroticism is fun, but my limit of permissible is something more. If you have fun, then do not deny yourself anal sex too 😉

You have a rather dominant appearance. Does this reflect the real you and your preferences in sex? In whose hands will the whip be?

Ahaha … yes, there is some truth in this. I know how to support any idea and I want to believe that I am quite versatile, but when I am asked to say – “yes, daddy!” it turns out to say with a rebellious bitch’s face. That’s why I’m a great domme.

Your body looks very strong. It seems that sports occupy an important part in your life. Is it so?

I have devoted many years to sports and my body speaks about it better than I do myself. Apparently, because of this, the dominant character was formed.

Did I also see photos of you in military uniform on your page? Did you serve in the army?

This is another hobby of mine, which I do not plan to monetize yet. I’m a good shot and I’m fond of airsoft. The team game, the coherence of actions give me great pleasure. And among other things, it is also an opportunity to spend time in nature. I love the forest! In any weather and even the frost, my weekends are spent in nature. Overnight stays in a tent, cooking meat on coals and of course the opportunity to swim and sunbathe naked! This vacation inspires me to make the most beautiful erotic photos.

Let’s dig a little deeper. Close your eyes and remember the most vivid memory from your childhood. This can be both a bad and a good thing.

One of the most unpleasant memories for me are the words of people from my environment – “You are not beautiful”. They are very deeply embedded in my head and it is always difficult to discard them. OnlyFans for me is just a storehouse for raising self-esteem. I get so many compliments that they displace a painful attitude to my appearance. So OnlyFans is not a job or a hobby, it’s something more. This is my therapy.

Note that Hanna is just starting her journey on that platform and if you want to support Hanna or have any questions for her, you can ask them in person on OnlyFans.

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