Top 11 Things You shouldn’t Do in Dating Apps

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In the field of online communication, as in any other category of interpersonal communication, there are written and unwritten rules that are worth following. Probably, about the fact that sending dick pics to each pretty girl instead of greeting is a shame and disgrace, you do not need to mention it, it is a self-evident fact. But some things are less obvious.

Afraid to Sign Up for a Paid Subscription

a guy who is afraid to spend money on a subscription

Most Dating platforms have free and paid versions. If you are not the most active user of such apps, then you do not need this feature — the trial period is enough. This is enough to make a couple of acquaintances out of pure curiosity. But if you have a firm intention to go on a date with “the one”, then it makes sense to sacrifice one Cup of coffee a month to the relationship. A subscription will give you access to the full database of profiles.

Today’s reality is hardly the age of altruists, and developers of Dating apps are not one of them, so if the service offers you access to the database for free, it is more than likely that a little later, it will start to shake money for every like or message. Be on guard.

Ignore Profile Security

guy trying to decide to log in via social networks or phone number

Usually, Dating apps offer to log in through social media accounts, which we would not recommend. Not because these services are unreliable, but because showing information about your place of residence, work, or study to outsiders is a rash decision. For example, to register in the app, you just need to enter your phone number as a username, which is only a means of identification and is not available to other users.

Go to Extremes

the poor man stares at the spoiled girl

Just about self-presentation. Do not be shy and write in the questionnaire that you are not particularly good at amorous Affairs — why spoiler and deprive girls of the pleasure of seeing this in person? Modesty adorns, but not excessive. On the contrary, your profile should be imbued with self-confidence.

Yes, it is not necessary to make up stories like millions in a Bank account, non-existent career successes, and the presence of incredible property units. After all, when you meet, everything will quickly fall into place. Therefore, upload a couple of photos (so that no one thinks that you are a bot) more attractive and high-quality, preferably new and without sunglasses (psychologists say that their presence is perceived as a lack of readiness for open communication, and such questionnaires are less popular), write a little about your interests and, most importantly, about the purpose of your visit to the platform. What are you really looking for here? Please don’t say “sex” — it’s clear enough.

Sit and Wait

a guy sits and dreams about a girl, while others start relationships

The most stupid way to behave on Dating sites is to register, fill out a form (we hope that you did it without spelling mistakes because no self-respecting woman will meet illiterate men) and sit waiting for someone to write to you. It is possible that girls may not be interested in your profile for some reason, but with personal communication, the situation will change radically. Therefore take the initiative into their own hands.

Start a Dialog with an Emoji

Crazy guy sending a lot of emoji in dating app

The best way to express your emotions is to write about them. Don’t think that sending a smiley face with a picture of fire, peaches, hearts in place of eyes, and other digital nonsense is guaranteed to get a response. Quite the opposite: the girl is more likely to decide that your intelligence and vocabulary are at the level of elementary school students from the correction class.

Start a Conversation with Compliments

Guy with flowers and blonde, who dreaming about rough sex

Do not put too much emphasis on the appearance of the girl. The fact that she is beautiful, she has known for a long time and has been repeatedly confirmed by numerous Internet admirers who have not read this material. Don’t be like them. Also, Dating coaches (there are also some) claim-and psychologists echo them-that fiery speeches like “your eyes are like the sea: just as clear and deep” can cause women to have a false sense of hope for marriage.

Besides, excessive enthusiasm can scare off the girl and put doubts in your sincerity. It is better to see in a woman not only appearance but also personality. Especially great if you show interest in her Hobbies. This is much better than writing something banal like “You are so beautiful!”.

Inflicting your opinions

The guy expresses dissatisfaction that the girl's Breasts are too bare

Did you know that girls can sort out their own lives and how to manage them on their own? No? Now you know. You don’t need to criticize, and even more to enter into disputes about her Hobbies, interests, and beliefs, with a rapid heartbeat and foaming at the mouth proving that rap is a shit and ice cream in the good old days was much tastier. You can think that, but there’s no need to say it out loud.

Dump your problems on her

The guy complains to an unfamiliar girl about his problems, and the girl is shocked at how much he complains

Online Dating is not a psychotherapy session — please do not confuse it. We understand that sometimes you really want to tell someone about a sore point and get a little sympathy and support, but it’s better to choose more familiar ears for this case. Beautiful strangers don’t like your set of complaints about the boss, the weather, and aching old knees. That’s what Twitter is for.

Be obtrusive

The guy chases the girl and demands to answer their messages, the girl at this moment is scared

You probably know that being obtrusive is bad. If suddenly the girl did not respond to your message, then there are reasons for this:

  • She didn’t like you (and this is completely normal)
  • She is in a bad mood (she may write later, you just have to wait)
  • She has already met someone
  • Some personal reasons that you have nothing to do with.

Keep this in mind when you decide to suddenly ask why you don’t get an answer.

Take Dating too seriously

To think of online Dating as entertainment is the best solution that exists. This is a good way to diversify your leisure time, and then make a friend or someone closer. Therefore, do not overreact to the refusal to communicate, doubt yourself, lose confidence, and so on. Go back to the previous point and treat everything easier.

Be naive

A girl on a Dating site fraudulently asks a stupid guy for money, and he is ready to send it to her

You should remember that online dating services are always likely to come across scammers. Therefore, if you suddenly receive a message from a lady with a model’s photoshopped appearance, a bust that falls out, and a text like “go sex” (or something in the same context, but more inventive) – this is a reason to be wary.

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